Sigur Rós at Urbanscapes 2012

The venue for Urbanscapes has grown from Grappa Soho in 2002 to Padang Astaka in 2011. This year, the venue will remain the same (probably will be throughout the years until rugby players stomp the heck out of the field) but they’re not done yet. They are pleased to announce that Urbanscapes 2012 will be held on 24 and 25  November. Yes, Urbanscapes is going to spread over a weekend this year! But we didn’t just go through all the hassle of putting up this post to announce that it’ll be on a weekend. Pfftt…

Yeah, yeah… Some of you are complaining that Sigur Rós will be performing on 23 November in Singapore and it isn’t a good date for Urbanscapes 2012. But fret no more naysayers, we’ve got confirmation that Sigur Rós will be performing for Urbanscapes 2012 at Padang Astaka too! So now stop your whining on how Singapore always gets the best acts to perform and get ready for this one. Cancel your trip to Singapore, get your chewing gums and rock your hearts out to Sigur Rós with us here!

On top of that, we got a small hint that they might bring other international acts to grace their stage for the very first time.  Now can you just imagine how this will be the most epic Urbanscapes ever? We just can’t resist from sharing this with all of you.

More details on Urbanscapes 2012 will be coming in the weeks ahead so be sure to follow them on their facebook page or official website here.