VIDEO: Sid Murshid’s Nasi Lemak Karaoke Anthem is Here to Cure Your Mid-Day Boredom

Classically trained Sid Murshid is an artiste signed to Universal Music who at the onset is a serious keyboard-equipped singer-songwriter in the same vein as Jamie Cullum, Josh Groban, and James Blunt. But much like the latter two, his online and real-life persona would reveal a more self-aware character with a knack for humour – which can be seen on his Facebook profile where he’d uploaded a series of satirical food videos that recently culminated in a masterpiece; a karaoke music video on how to make Nasi Lemak. With an aesthetic that’s 100% true to Malay karaoke videos, plus music production that’d make mid-‘90s KRU-produced Malay ballad proud (that faux-choir chorus), this should help you survive your soul-crushing job for a bit longer today.

Watch the video below:

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