Sibling Skateboards Promodel Collection Launch

You know that feeling you get when your favorite brand comes out with something new, and you just can’t wait to touch it, hold it, smell it, and use it? Skateboard enthusiasts will be feeling just that because Siblings Skateboards has got something new for you! Most recently they’ve launched their newest collection of skateboards, which is their first Promodel release for the company. This collection has been designed specially by the talented local street artist “Katun” Rahman Abdullah.

Sibling Skateboards is one of the best local skateboard companies here in Malaysia, despite being a fairly young company. It came into fruition through a partnership between Fuad Saifullah and Munir Muhammad in July 2011. They provide only the highest quality, cutting edge skateboards at affordable prices to customers who wish to enhance the skateboard culture in South East Asia. Sibling Skateboards aims to rebuild the skateboarding scene, and get rid of the pre-conception most people have that skateboarders are dangerous and a nuisance to society. We think that’s an honourable mission, power to the youths!

The skateboards in this collection are retailed at RM130 each.

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