LISTEN: Shuuna Sings Your Worries Away With ‘Terang Bintang, Tenang Bulan’

There’s no running away from the haunting voice on this one. ‘Terang Bintang, Tenang Bulan’ is the brainchild of Shuu and Moja, or Shuuna together, a duo that started last November. Even at the band’s infancy, it takes minimal effort to recognise their main influences – Daughter and Lana Del Rey – thanks to its slow progression and echo-y vocals throughout. Less indie pop than their first released track ‘Good Night’ (these guys must be a fan of the night sky) and more ‘indie nusantara’ (as they’ve labelled themselves), the song stays true to the same production style of muffled voices and instrumentals that stand strong on their own. Citing local influences like Yuna, Pastel Lite, and Box For Letters, Shuuna speaks of two personas in the song – Bintang (Stars) and Bulan (Moon) – in the form of dialogue. Initially a duet that was inspired by P. Ramlee and Saloma, the band keeps the song to just Shuu’s vocals, a move that gives us the feels we didn’t think we’d get.

Stream the track below:

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