Shuren Projects x Against Lab’s Two-Tone Shirt & Noragi

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The pairing between Against Lab and Shuren Projects sounds as appetising as the combination of coconut ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup – delicious to a few but potentially sacrilegious to many. However, after a few mouthfuls, sceptics would become new converts of this mixture. It is not unusual for retail brands to collaborate with one another especially when their respective aesthetics are able to complement each other, which is what evidently transpired in the drawing room when these two brands sat down to produce a two-piece collection together. Both pieces use Shuren Project’s signature silhouettes matched with Against Lab’s imagery; first piece being a two-tone oxford shirt that features Against Lab’s ‘Against’ logo, and the second an olive green noragi with Against Lab’s ‘A’ printed on its inner. With their retail prices set at RM280 and RM380 respectively, the better investment would be the noragi – only because the white shirt looks similar to any other basic shirt, but a noragi on the other hand serves as great outwear; an essential piece of clothing to don during a festival in a colder temperature… like Good Vibes. (It’s less than two weeks away!)

View the products below:


shirt shirt shirt 5

The collection is available at, and Major Drop. Retails at RM280 (white oxford shirt) and RM380 (noragi).