Sh!t Art!

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After a night of rockstar partying at UOX Play Future, JUICE decided to continue our decadence and hooked up with Sh*tdisco on Sunday at the Lapsap + Dim Mak Junkyard Sale at Palate Palette. Hanging out with drummer Darren Cullen and bassist Tom Straughan was like being in college all over again (ie: getting sh*t-faced and talking about everything from The Crass to religion to monkeys shaggin’ at Batu Caves).

As a parting gift, Darren did a little art for us on the inside of a ciggie box. Apparently, the trippin’ drummer claimed that the mini-masterpiece shown below got him kicked out from art school. Take a good look at it and tell us what you think…

Picasso ain’t got sh*t compared to this!