Showtek World Tour @ KL Live

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If you want a superbly awesome and spectacular party then sorry, you just missed it! Showtek hit the decks at KL Live last Saturday and this was a party that if you didn’t attend you are going to regret because I know I would have if I didn’t.

When I got there at 11pm the place was half full, but things were already starting to heat up inside as the Bass Agents dropped heavy beats on the audience. Having won two JUICE Readers’ Choice Awards and headlining events such as Recharge Revelation, it’s no surprise that the Bass Agents knew the right buttons to push.

The cost of drinks however would have left most people with a hole in their wallet or no wallet at all, and a bottle of whisky (RM330) proved more economical than the overpriced beers (1 bucket, 4 cans, RM60) or water and soft drinks (RM10). As a result the convenience store outside proved popular.

The room was filled with people when Showtek walked up on stage, their presence causing the crowd to surge forward. The brothers then put on a show that got everyone in the crowd into a mad dance trance. People were jumping and screaming. No brainer then why Mixmag announced as Showtek’s label Dutch Master Works “The World’s Premium #1 Hardstyle Label”. So besides the overpriced drinks, the night was a blast!

Showtek performed at KL Live on 13 March 2010. To get a look of the event check out our gallery.

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