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Twitter has been atwitter on lately with peeps like Mootz (Pop Shuvit) and Rahul (One Buck Short) doing soundchecks and preparing for the Shout! Awards. Flizzow confirmed he’d be there weeks ago and Schizzow dropped mentioned of some graff work he’s be doing for Jin Hackman’s segment. Yeah, sounds like this is gonna be big! A shout out to those artists that deserve recognition, the Shout! Awards is a loud celebration of the latest in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. It all goes down tonight, July 17 and airs live from Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on 8TV.

Malaysia’s newest award show will be hosted by Marion Caunter, Jien and Sarah Lian with performances by Pop Shuvit, One Buck Short, Jin Hackman, Reza Salleh, Komplot, Caprice, Estranged, Shila, Bunkface, Pesawat, Joe Flizzow, and more and a guest appearace by Sean Kingston. Presenters  will include Juliana Evans, Deborah Henry, Yasmin Ahmad, Smek, One Nation Emcees, Love Me Butch, and Dato Seri Tony Fernandes among others.

The Shout! Awards was created to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. It is a 2 and a half hour TV special and the first-of-its-kind awards show for these 4 industries, aiming to reward the most-deserving artists, actors, radio and TV faces. It is also a platform for the fans to voice out their definition of the new cool in the entertainment scene. With awards categories like Hot Chick and Rockstar awards, it’s a damn good excuse to have a blast.

Online and MS voting closed last night so if you don;t have your tix, tune in on 8TV to find out who won. Categories and their nominees are listed below. Be there at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil this 17 July at 6pm to catch the red carpet. Doors close at 7pm so don’t be late. More at and

Rockstar Award
Who is worthy of an emo haircut, a mosh pit that scares mommies everywhere, and a sea of arms awaiting a stage dive? Here’s to the nation’s most rockin’ sensation!
Meet Uncle Hussain
Pop Shuvit

Popstar Award
You know their choruses by heart and you know their life story better than you understand your own families. Here’s to that pop star with the song and personality you just can’t get out of your head.
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza
Jaclyn Victor

Power Vocal Awards
Hang onto your eardrums!
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza
Jaclyn Victor
Lan (Meet Uncle Hussain)
Syarul Reza (Love Me Butch)

Flava Award
It’s hip hop yo!
Ahli Fiqir
Jin Hackman
Joe Flizzow

Break Out Award
These newbies never had to pledge, make beds, coffee or deliver bad news for anybody – they just had to distract them with their sweet voices, or their promising music – here’s to bringing on the new graduates of superstardom.
Joe Flizzow
Meet Uncle Hussain

Best On Screen Chemistry Award
What do you mean they’re not in love?
Cheryl Samad & Nazrudin Rahman (Ghost)
Syafinaz Selamat & Paul Moss (One In A Million Season 2)
Vanidah Imran & Afdlin Shauki (Sepi)
Zahiril Adzam & Liyana Jasmay (Kami)
Upin & Ipin (Upin & Ipin)

Fresh TV Series
Dysfunctional families, school controversy, weird time travel, spirits that just won’t bail, love octagons, friendship battlegrounds, whatever the deal, this TV series has gotta be fresher than Prince.
Field Trip! USA
Kekasihku Seru

Breakthrough Film Award
This flick is such a breakthrough that it shames pirates to feed off local art.
Budak Kelantan aka Kelantan Boys
Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang
Los Dan Faun

Favourite TV Programme (Non-Drama)
If life is still full of drama, than let reality serve it raw.
Destinasi Bajet Season 2
Field Trip! USA
Homegrown Season 3
Majalah 3
One In A Million Season 2

Favourite TV Host
Actors get twenty takes. TV hosts get one…. elebrate the dedicated on-screen personalities who want to serve information in the most entertaining way possible.
Daphne Iking (The Breakfast Show)
Marion Caunter (One In A Million Season 2)
Naz (The Breakfast Show)
Qushairi (Destinasi Bajet Season 2)
Qushairi (Field Trip! USA)

Coolest Radio Announcer
This award is about the power of holding one’s attention by just being heard. Here’s to him, her or them… who turn men into good listeners.
Fara Fauzana
Hunny Madu
Phat Phabes

Favourite Radio Show
If being the phenomenon of all oral exams isn’t enough, its what gets listeners hooked aside from a great DJ is an awesome radio show.
Fly FM Must have Music (Hunny Madu)
Fly FM Night Flight (Basil & Hafiz)
Fly FM Pagi Show  (Ben, Nadia & Phat Phabes)
Hot FM AM Show (Fara Fauzana & Faizal Ismail)
Indie X (Smek & Mat)

Stylo Award
Passion is a fashion, originality is fabulousity, and great taste is every star’s responsibility. This award goes to the Celeb that can still ooze charisma even when topping up their phones at the mamak’s.
Dynas Mokhtar
Faizal Tahir
Marion Caunter
Maya Karin
Sazzy Falak

Hot Chick Award
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, let’s behold that sweet, gorgeous creation of God.
Andrea Fonseka
Daphne Iking
Marion Caunter

Hot Guy Award
Take a picture of him girls – it will last longer!
Faizal Tahir
Jonathan Putra aka JP
Tony Eusoff
Zahiril Adzam
Zizan Nin

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