Shout! Awards

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It’s time to give love to our homegrown talent as the Shout! Awards 2010 are here! The categories span across Malaysia’s TV, radio, film and music industries and have awards for the most deserving of artists, actors, and radio and TV personalities. The Shout! Awards are for the people, by the people-as the winners are determined purely by online and SMS voting. So who has been deemed Malaysia’s hottest entertainers?

Categories JUICE will be watching closely include best Rockstar, Popstar, Breakout, Flava and Music Video. We’ll be rooting for some of our fave local rockstars: Azlan & The Typewriter, Bunkface, Hujan, Faizal Tahir, Meet Uncle Hussein and Pop Shuvit! Our girls Zee Avi, Idol’s Jaclyn Victor, Yuna and Mizz Nina are all nominated for the ‘Popstar’ category. We also have a fever for the ‘Flava’, as Altimet, Joe Flizzow, Malique and Sonaone are all nominees for this category.

For TV and film, there’s Best On-Screen Chemistry, Fresh TV Series, Breakthrough Feature and Favourite TV Programme and Personality. For “Fresh TV Series” brand new shows Blogger Boy, Adamaya, Arjuna, Gelora Dihati Sara, Nur Kasih and Qaleysa are all nominated. For Radio, vote for your favorite ‘Coolest Radio Announcer’ or ‘Favourite Radio Show’ – nominees including Phat Fabes, Jeremy Teo, Hunny Madu and Faizal Ismail just to name a few.

For the visually inclined, there’s also a ‘Hot Chick’ and ‘Hot Guy’ category for hotties like Mizz Nina, Nora Danish, Maya Karin, Henry Golding, Hans Isaac, Farid Kamil and Remy Ishak.

We’re going to consult the JUICE crystal ball for our predictions of the winners in the near future, so keep watching the blog! Until then, don’t be a sheeple, get your votes in!

Here’s the Categories and Nominees:


Rockstar Award
Azlan & The Typewriter
Faizal Tahir
Meet Uncle Hussein
Pop Shuvit!

Popstar Award

Zee Avi
Jaclyn Victor
Mizz Nina
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Kirsdayanti

Power Vocal Award

Azlan & The Typewriter
Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Kirsdayanti
Faizal Tahir
Jaclyn Victor
Rithan (Deja Voodoo Spells)

Flava Award

Joe Flizzow
Dj Fuzz & Malique
Mizz Nina

Music Video Award

Prom Queen (Bunkface)
Osaka (Disagree)
Do it, Duit (Joe Flizzow)
Mirage (Pesawat)
Marabahaya (Project E.A.R.)
Cinta Kosmilk (The Fabulous Cats)

Break out Artist Award

Azlan and the Typewriter
Mizz Nina
Zee Avi

Mobile Artist of the Year Award

Khatimah Cinta by Sixth Sense
Menatap Matamu (Chorus) by Aril
Tinggal Kenangan by Saleem
Dan Sebenarnya (WkndSessions) by Yuna
Cukup Indah by Alif Satar

Television and Film

Best On Screen Chemistry

Afdlin Shauki & Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
Upin & Ipin (Upin & Ipin)
Remy Ishak & Tiz Zaqyah (Nur Kasih)
Farid Kamil & Lisa Surihani (Lagenda Budak Setan)
Wakakaka Crew & Giler Battle Crew (Showdown 2010)
Afdlin Shauki & Rashidi Ishak (Setem)

Breakthrough Feature Award

Cuci The Musical
Geng : Pengembaraan Bermula
Lagenda Budak Setan
Pisau Cukur

Favorite TV Program (Non Drama)

Imam Muda
One In A Million Year 3
Raja Lawak 4
Anugerah Juara Lagu 24
Showdown 2010

Fresh TV Series Award

Blogger Boy
Gelora Dihati Sara
Nur Kasih

Favorite TV Personality Award

Iskandar (Anugerah Juara Lagu 24)
Awal Ashaari (Fuhhh!)
Aznil Haji Nawawi (Jangan Lupa Lirik)
Daphne Iking (The Breakfast Show)
Henry Golding (The Quickie)
Zizan Raja Lawak (Raja Lawak 4)

Coolest Radio Announcer

Faizal Ismail (HotFM AM Krew)
Hafiz Hatim (FlyFM’s Night Flight)
Jeremy Teo (RedFM Evenings)
Hunny Madu (FlyFM Campur Chart)
Fara Fauzana (HotFM AM Krew)
Phat Fabes (FlyFM Pagi Show)

Favorite Radio Show Award

Malaysia’s Hottest Music ~ 10@10 (Hunny Madu)
FlyFM Pagi Show (Phabes, Ben & Nadia)
The Red FM Breakfast Show with JD & Dilly (JD & Dilly)
FlyFM Campur Chart (Hunny Madu)
HotFM AM Krew (Fara Fauzana, Faizal Ismail & AG)
FlyFM’s Rush Hour (Jules & Prem)

Hot Chick Award

Maya Karin
Mizz Nina
Nora Danish
Nur Fazura
Scha al-Yahya
Vanidah Imran

Hot Guy Award

Faizal Tahir
Farid Kamil
Hans Isaac
Henry Golding (8TV Quickie)
Remy Ishak
Shaheizy Sam

Online voting opened on the 18 October 2010. Shout Awards will take place on Saturday, 20 November 2010 at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil at 8.30pm onwards. To vote and to find out more about Shout Awards, head on over to