Shout! Awards 2009 @ Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

When a long line of cars stretched all the way from the mainroad to the entrance of Bukit Jalil open air carpark, I knew it had come to the right place. That and the big sign that said Bukit Jalil Stadium (duh!). Coincidentally, there was 2 big events happening that night: the Shout! Awards and the Manchester United training session, and I was no Man U fan. 

I arrived in time to witness the Red Carpet arrivals of celebs in shiny limos. Ben, Phat Phabes and Nadia were among the first few to walk the red carpet. Marion Caunter, Jien, Bunkface, Paul Moss, Syafinaz and Joe Flizzow followed, rolling in one by one. The sudden on set of piercing screams could only signal one thing: that bloke from Twilight was in the building. But no. Put it down to diehard fanatics of Caprice, bearing signs like ‘I Love U Caprice’ and ‘Marry me, Caprice’ going beserk as the hip hop homeboy sashayed in.

The opening performance saw cheerleaders and dancers perform. A sudden burst of confetti kick-started the award show and emcees Marion Caunter and Jien took to the stage. Sean Kingston made a special appearence and sang along to ‘Beautiful Girls’ and ‘Fire Burning’ in what looked like a lip-synch performance. From what I could tell local singers performed live, so what’s with the costly import not. Tsk tsk.

After all the weeks of voting and campaigning, the awards were duly dispensed. The Ultimate Shout! Award went to Bunkface. The band made a clean sweep. They also went home with the Rockstar and Breakthrough Awards. The complete list of award recipients below.

Fresh TV Series Award

Favorite Radio Show
Ben, Nadia and Phat Fabes from The Pagi Show

Breakthrough Film Award

Popstar Award

Favorite TV Program Award
Fieldtrip! USA

Coolest Radio Announcer
JJ from Hitz.Fm

Hot Chick Award
Marion Caunter

Hot Guy Award
Faizal Tahir

Best Onscreen Chemistry Award
Upin and Ipin

Stylo Award
Dynas Mokhtar

Favorite TV Host Award

Power Vocal Award
Jaclyn Victor

Flava Award
Joe Flizzow

The Shout Awards 2009 was held 17 July 2009 at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. For more piccies and what you missed out, hit up our gallery.