VIDEO: This Shelhiel-produced Track for Shio – ‘Extrication’ – Gives Chinese Pop Its Own Banks

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source: Shio

Two years ago, the ever multi-talented Shelhiel sent us a preview of a track he produced for a then up-and-coming pop act from the Chinese scene – Shio. Fast forward to this date, that track has become the first single from the now Taiwanese label-signed singer’s debut album. Mixed with proper studio sheen, ‘Extrication’ sounds more polished here; Shelhiel’s trap-leaning ambient beat – à la Purity Ring – is retained and Shio’s vocals complement it with the intensity of some of Banks’ more powerful moments. Regardless of our uncertainty about whether Miss Ko’s rap verse added anything to it, coupled with its dreamy video that is complete with the Paprika mirror-smashing trope, ‘Extrication’ proves that Chinese pop needs someone with a different take on pop – like Shelhiel.

Watch the video here:

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