Share The Love pres. Bihzhu’s Crib Concerts

Source: Prakash Daniel Photography

Malaysia’s Penang-born jazz songstress, Bihzhu is not only known for her folk-pop gem ‘The Heart Way’ that was nominated at multiple awards, but also an avid performer at jazz hub No Black Tie, and often at random open mics and events around town. With a new aim to bring music lovers alike, Bihzhu takes on a new side project that will bond these people with the same music interest.

Well, how is she doing this? Easy peasy. As it name suggests, each Crib Concert gathering will take place at a private home of someone who is willing to host the concert. Since there’ll be a global live-stream of the concert, you need to be comfortable with exposing your crib to the world. Basically, each host has to invite their circle of friends to attend, with an estimated number of 25 pax and above (depending on the size of your home). The live stream will feature a guest artiste who will will perform for an hour.

So the trick is, share the link as much as you can if you’ve got friends who don’t have plans this Sunday. This month’s concert will feature open mic regulars, Big & Small as well as the woman behind the project, Bihzhu herself. If you’ve got your weekend all planned out, each concert will be posted online after the live broadcast (lucky you!). Then again, what’s better than spending your night with some jazzy vocals with friends and family at the comfort of your home? We call that the perfect Sunday night.

To catch the livestream, make sure you log on to Bihzhu’s Livestream site on Sunday 7 July 2013 at 8pm (GMT +8).  For more details, check out her official website