SG Court Stays Nagaenthran’s Execution After COVID-19 Infection, Last-Resort Appeal Unsuccessful

Source: BBC

The postponement of Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam‘s execution was due to a last-resort appeal after news broke on his 11-year long death sentence.

Yesterday’s announcement of the delay felt like a small win for all standing by his side, and an appeal was scheduled to happen at 2:30pm this afternoon.

However, things remained silent until it was recently reported that Nagaenthran had tested positive for Covid-19, meaning that the last-resort appeal could not go through.

He was originally scheduled to be hanged on Wednesday after losing a series of appeals, despite mounting international outrage and supporters’ claims his intellectual disability means he can’t make rational decisions.

The execution was put on hold after a last-resort appeal was lodged, with the Court of Appeal due to hear the challenge Tuesday.

Source: The Savoury Tort

But before the hearing could start, Judge Andrew Phang Boon Leong told the court that Nagaenthran had contracted Covid-19.

“We have to issue a stay of execution,” he said. There was no immediate indication of how long the stay would last for.

The case has attracted international attention, with our own prime minister, a group of U.N. experts and British billionaire Richard Branson among those who have called on Singapore to commute Nagaenthran’s death sentence.