secret satan!

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I was going to start this post by explaining the concept of Secret Santas, but this isn’t about Secret Santas, it’s about Secret Satan, so I’ll just leave you to click the link, which will lead you to my favourite online information source,

(Drat. now you know how I get Detonate and Label Junkie done.)

Anyway. Hilarious online comic strip site is introducing Secret Satan, where you can win Christmas goodies for yourself in the form of kickass Diesel Sweeties merchandise (t-shirts, posters, bags, heck they even have panties and aprons) merely by posting on your blog. All you have to do is mention the keywords “”, “rstevens” or “clango” in your post. Series creator R. Stevens will sift through Technorati and locate all the posts containing these keywords and he’ll pick out the best three to be blessed with the swag. Hey! I just mentioned the keywords. I might win! The contest ends on 15 December, and you can post as much as you like.

Here’s a sampling of the designs has on its online store:

Think they look good? Then go blog.