second fest: second to none

Second Life. If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, you’ve only managed to scrape the bare surface of the Internet. Arguably the fastest, most immersive online experience there is (and I say experience because it’s not a game, it’s not a social networking site, it’s not an auction service – it’s all of those things and more), Second Life has made it part of their marketing strategy to integrate as many of the things we do in meatspace into the realm of their hot-selling virtual geography.

After movie premieres, product launches, album sneak previews, Second Life is pulling out the stops this weekend. Second Fest is Second Life’s first (haha, first) music festival, with live performances in both cyberspace and here where you can throw a mineral watter bottle at someone if he goes off key. Funny it doesn’t say where, though … anyway. You know most of the fun is happening online, so get yourself a Second Life account ASAP and get in on this.

Who’s performing you ask? How about the Pet Shop Boys, Groove Armada, Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip, Coldcut, Aliens, Glimmer Twins, New Young Pony Club, Digitalism, and Cinematic Orchestra? And please bear in mind I only listed down about a quarter of the complete performance schedule. A quarter. That’s like, not even half.

It’s free, it’s online, it’s massive and it’s global. what are you waiting for? Click here and get with Second Fest. Because sloppy seconds is so not you.