Scream & Laugh Your Heart Out With This Thai Horror-Comedy in Cinemas!

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There’s nothing better than a ridiculous comedy horror movie. Whether it’s for a date night or just killing time, the funniest horror films can offer you both high-energy laughs and scares which are seemingly opposite ends of the emotive spectrum.

If you’re a scaredy cat that’s addicted to scary movies with funny takes in between, add Pee Nak to your to-watch list this weekend!

Hitting local cinemas nationwide this 14 MarchPee Nak tells the story of three Thai men–Nong, First, and Balloon–who are trying to get ordained as monks. While Nong is there because of a string of bad fortune, First and Balloon made a promised to become monks if they won a lottery ticket, which they did.

Unfortunately for them, the old temple at the outskirts of the city is home to a terrifying legend and curse. *insert evil laugh here*

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It is said that those who choose to undergo ordination there will have to face the wrath of the Pee Nak spirit and die before the ceremony is completed. Welp, that sucks right? But these boys are determined to finish their path to become monks. The question is, will they even survive?

The inspiration behind this film is the director’s own experience with monk-hood. He was questioning why, in the process of becoming a monk, a young man has to become a nak first (a pre-monkhood stage). He did some research and found out that nak came from the legend of Naga.

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The legend revolves around Naga–a mythical snake that took the form of a human man in order to become a monk. Not long after, his disguise terkantoi and Lord Buddha ordered him to leave the monastery, as only humans were allowed to become monks.

Naga was devastated and its last request before leaving was that every man who’s about to become a monk be called nak (a variation of Naga) in his honour, so that at least his name would forever remain a part of Buddhism.

We know what you’re thinking, “Hold up, that’s not scary!”.. Well, although Naga from the original legend serves as a positive reminder of faith and perseverance, Pee Nak on the other hand is filled with anger and constantly trying to take the lives of every nak who’s ordained at the temple it haunts.

(source: Five Star Movies)

If you’re a movie buff who’s bored of the typical jump-scares, just know that this film has careful build-ups of eerie atmosphere, ambient sounds, and attention to details that manages to create a spirit that’s simultaneously intimidating and sacred. Just catching a glimpse of its hand or hearing the jingling of its anklets is enough to give you the creeps…

Don’t stress too much as Pee Nak is also a lighthearted affair thanks to the various comedic moments throughout the movie. From the trailer itself, we can see how the comedic scenes and witty dialogue are a big part of the movie. It’ll definitely be a scary good time!

(source: mm2 Entertainment Channel)

If you’re brave enough, call up the whole gang and hit up a midnight show of Pee Nak in a cinema near you!

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