Yung Shen aka Schizzow, who is part of the diabolical Rogue Squadron crew, met the crew through hip hop portal back in the day. Although initially one of the underdogs in the hip hop game, Schizzow has come a long way to eventually release 2 independent albums at the tender age of 19 with his group, Fundamental Mentalities.

He has also been featured in Point Blanc’s Straight to the Point, MC Mahadhir’s Momentum and Jin Hackman’s Jinius At Work albums. With the support from Phalanx and the Rogue Squadron, this Penangite is ready to take on the hip hop scene to bring us a different flavour. Schizzow wants to keep it real by keeping his music underground. We’re now awaiting Schizzow’s solo debut of The Schizzowphrenic to drop soon. He’s been working on it for 2 years. For his album, Schizzow has incorporated a Chinese opera mask and graff as his cover element because they are “close to his heart”. For those of you who don’t know, he is a graff artist too.  The LP will include collabos with Rogue Squadron’s Skware One and Phrozt on the beats, and Tactmatic and Wormy on the album’s production. He’s got RS’ Phalanx and Proximas, and his Penangite friends Ddie and Yon Lynn on vocals amongst other peers.
Peep his work at or head over to for more.