Schizzow: One Crazy Mofo, 5 reasons why

Koh Yung Shen is a foul-mouthed, sloppy Manglish-speaking graff artist/designer who couldn’t care less about how he looks. Schizzow is a straight up cocky rapper who rolls with the diabolical Rogue Squadron crew, rips the mic with confidence and whose debut album Schizzowphrenic has just dropped. They’re also one I the same and we’re crazy about them both. Here’s 5 reasons why we think you should be mental about Schizzow/Koh Yung Shen too.

#1 He has a split personality. “My rapping persona and my usual self are 2 totally different personalities that live on in the same ego.”

#2 It’s not that he equates himself with Jesus but whenever Yung Shen encounters a tough situation, he asks himself: “What will Schizzow do?”

#3 He has identity issues: “I have more rock songs on his playlist than hip hop. I have both of Love Me Butch’s albums as well as the first print of Estranged’s In Hating Memory album” he says, “But I’m a straight up true school hip hop emcee.”

#4 He talks to his hat: “Have you met my friend Charlie? We brainstorm ideas together for my songs and my lyrics. He is also my cap.”

#5 He takes orders from the voice: “I would love to share more, but that voice in my head is threatening me not to reveal anymore or I’ll get into some nasty trouble.”

To find out what else goes on in Schizzow’s head, hit up Schizzowphrenic is out now.