Save The Rhino Now!

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Imagine there are only 30 humans left. Imagine half of them are women, the other half men and you donlt know where the other 29 are. If you can’t find at leats another one fo the opposite sex, then imagine dying alone and taking what little hope of repopulating the human race with you. That could be the sad fate of the Borneo Rhino. Malaysian wildlife officials reckon there are only 30 Borneo rhino remaining in the wilderness of Sabah.

WWF is taking acting to protect the Borneo rhino’s habitat by protecting the forest reserves where it lives. Raymond Alfred, senior manager of WWF-Malaysia’s Borneo Species Programme said in a statement, “The future of rhinos in Borneo now depends on how seriously the forest reserves can be managed sustainably.” The comments came after a rare image was captured by him and his team of the near-extinct animal.

WWF said the image believed to be a female Borneo rhino to be about 20 years old, together with the identification of 2 rhino calves, which added the need to sustain the species’ forest home. The organisation also said the reduced number of rhinos is also affected by expansion of oil palm plantations which Alfred has urged forestry and wildlife authorities in Sabah to adopt “strong and co-ordinated enforcement to ensure the survival” of the species.

Due to the direness of the situations it is time to take serious and lasting measures. Find out what you can do before this animal is lost forever. Your choice to act could change its fate.

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