Saucony Originals x Penfield 60/40 Pack

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source: Saucony Originals

If you can’t stand the sight of those big name sneaker brands that are identifiable just by their logo, here’s an alternative choice for you — the collaboration between running apparel brand Saucony and Penfield, whose revered outerwear brand is synonymous with their unique blend of 60/40 cotton and nylon material. The outcome of this union, as you can imagine, is the embodiment of durability and comfort, perfect for the great outdoors or just stomping around the concrete jungle. These sneaks are available in three colours: Navy, olive, and tan, all with other distinguishing features such as tonal suede, hiking boot lace loop, and interchangeable laces for variety.

As sneakers go, these won’t be gentle to your wallet either (approximately RM500 a pop after conversion), but at least your shoe game won’t be generic.

The Saucony Originals x Penfield 60/40 Pack is set for an online release today here

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