Sasi The Don ft. Dr. Alban: Music in Me (Island Talk)

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Sasi the Don is Malaysia’s ambassador to reggae and dancehall. Producing 3 albums in the last 7 years, each release has been imbued with its own local flava with Sasi’s cover of ‘Tide Is High’ in 2002 being amongst his most prominent singles to date. With the sounds of Major Lazer on the rise and dancehall and reggae hitting dancefloors in a tangle of arms and legs, Sasi the Don returns!

The Don has definitely stayed true to his beliefs and comeback single ‘Music in Me’ produced by No Jokes, is every inch a reggae pop record. While the track itself is somewhat lacking – the chorus hook is weak and the song sounds dated, the remixes are where he keeps it interesting.

D’navigator remix is the standout re-rub here sounder fresher than the rest of the offerings. Still Mark Splinter’s breakbeat mix, the Tamil splash mix with Dr. Burn and Mark Splinter’s jump up mix all contributes to making the otherwise lacklustre  ‘Music in Me’ more listenable.

If there’s one thing we can’t fault though it’s Sasi The Don’s fighting spirit. Dr. Alban’s infectious 1992 hit ‘It’s My Life’ took the world and Sasi’s great effort to rope in the good doctor o the vocals points to Sasi’s ambitions and bigger things to come for him – we hope. We give it up to Sasi for doing what he does best and staying true (because he seems to be the only one doing it!), but we’ll have to pass on this single for now.

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