Samba Du Bom @ Cloth & Clef

You know the saying, “a butterfly flaps its wings….” The annual Carnaval may have been shimmying and shaking its way across Brazil on the other side of our great green earth, but over here in Malaysia we could feel the vibrations as Bantus Capoeira condensed all the goodness of that one week long riot of colours and music, sequins and whistles into their own 1-night-only Samba Du Bom held at Cloth & Clef.

It was Brazilian rhythms all the way from start to sweaty end. Deo and friends gently eased everyone into the night with sexy Bossanova tunes. Bantus Capoeira took their performance out onto the pavement and like a magnet, the bare chests, aerial acrobatics and steady beats, soon drew a massive crowd of curious passers-by. It quickly spilled onto the streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang – time to take it inside.

Shy shuffling gave way to full on hip gyrations as the infectious rhythms took hold. The energy surge rushed through the joint as Batuque De La dropped a 40-minute Batucada set and Samba dancers entered to whip up a frenzy. It wasn’t just the Sambistas shaking their booty though, most of Cloth n’ Clef was bouncing so hard with high spirits, it felt as though the foundations were about to be taken clean off the ground. Good thing Finlandia vodka and Tiger beer kept everyone nourished, and as always, Cloth & Clef could be counted on for another terrific night.

Bantus Capoeira’s Samba Du Bom was held on Saturday February 21 at Cloth & Clef. More pix here.