LISTEN: “Your body, OMG.” Sam Rui Drops ‘Solid Gold’

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Laneway Festival Singapore ’17 – or now dubbed Rainway pt. Deux – had its highs and lows, Sam Rui performing a stripped down version of latest single ‘Solid Gold’ was unquestionably the former. Played live, the sensual club night confessional bordered on oversharing, especially in the anecdotes interspersed in between each verse. While the amusing reaccounting of what inspired the track didn’t make it into its full recorded version – out now via Spotify – it hasn’t lost any of that raw, personal quality either. Even the production isn’t too over-embellished, instead it’s carried by mellow piano keys and Sam’s saccharine yet pained vocal tone.

Listen to the full version below:

Sam Rui is set to headline Raising the Bar’s Welcome to Heartbreak on Saturday 11 February at The Bee, Publika.

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