LISTEN: Sam Rui’s Season 2 is Leaps and Bounds Above Its Hypothetical First Season

Images Shawna Chia

At long last, r’n’b chanteuse Sam Rui has released debut full-length album Season 2 – presumably named to signify this new phase of her life and career. If its hypothetical Season 1 is the singer-songwriter’s year-long evolution from a wallflower singing over acoustic guitar into a sultry (and pained) r’n’b queen backed by bedroom producers, now having had fully excised the heartache that led to that transformative period, the album is her fully owning the latter role. “It’s crazy to look back on the person that I was before I started working on this and to see what is essentially my personal diary blossom into my debut album, and to have so many of you identify with the things I speak about here and share your own stories,” she says in a statement released via Instagram.

Produced and engineered by frequent collaborator GROSSE (Fauxe’s alternate moniker), Season 2 aptly opens with ‘Better’, the single responsible for turning Sam into a buzz act once listed by Spotify SG as a ‘Fresh Find’ in 2016. And subsequently throughout the 10-tracker that includes other previously released singles (‘Boys’, ‘Down [feat. Fauxe]’, ‘Solid Gold’, ‘Never Be [Let It Go]’) and album exclusives like the sparse yet weighty ballad ‘You’ (not to be confused with her alextbh collaboration of the same name), OmarKENOBI-featuring ‘Let’s Get Coffee’, and the emotional culmination that is end track ’20,000’, the album covers all the emotional spectra that came after the events described in ‘Better’; from abandonment and confusion through rebound and acceptance.

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