Everyone wants to be a DJ. And these days you don’t necessarily need the decks skills to make it. Instead, you can be one if you have the presence and good music selection, tap that, you are one. Joyce Wong aka KinkyBlueFairy and Sarah Chan aka Sarchan don’t proclaim to be DJs but “song selektas”.

The girls dabble in indie, electro and pop music. SalahWrong is a play on their name Salah (Sarah) and Joyce Wong (Wrong). Sarchan told us about an event that epitomises the girls name: “My boobs popped out once at Zouk during the We Are Scientists show. That’ll teach me not to wear a bra.”

It all started with DJ Victor G giving the girls basic lessons on the CDJs, which landed them their first gig in Cloth & Clef September last year with club kid Ethan Chu, Twilight Actiongirl’s Ribut and Bangkok’s DJ Knatz. That event led them to gigs at Annexe for Arts for Grabs, Palate Palette, Club 9 & the SiX Lounge, Barsonic and even Lava Lava at Johor Bahru! Flossin’.

There’s a good balance of their responsibilities as Sarchan is the CDs keeper and crate digger, while the KinkyBlueFairy does most of the PR and partying. We asked if there’s anything they would steal from each other and Sarchan replied “Joyce’s sense of style” and Joyce chose “Sarah’s bright pink headphones.” SalahWrong is taking easy strides so whatever happens, happens.

They don’t have a website yet, but head over to Joyce’s blog at because she will definitely update you on the next SalahWrong appearance.