Saint Etienne: ‘Tonight’

It’s been a long time since they came around, it’s been a long time but they’re back in town.. No, this has nothing to do with Lady Gaga, we’re just being cheesy. But it’s true nonetheless! British dance-pop icons Saint Etienne are back after a 7-year hiatus with their forthcoming album Words and Music by Saint Etienne, their eighth studio album since they started out in 1991.

‘Tonight’ is a song about how great it feels when you’re waiting for your favorite band to hit the stage. It’s pretty rad! The video, directed by Paul Kelley, was shot at night and is easy on the eyes. It’s chock-full of slow moving cars, bokeh, and neon signs, laced with clips of Saint Etienne themselves performing onstage for an intimate crowd.

If ‘Tonight’ is any indication of what Words and Music by Saint Etienne is going to be like, we’re in for a smooth ride.

Watch the video for ‘Tonight’ below. Click here for more Saint Etienne.