Who Says Cooking Makes You Smell Oily and Sweaty?

Cooking can be therapeutic, it can soothe jangled nerves, heal broken hearts, cure boredom, insomnia, and anxiety. Whether the food is fattening or not, it still helps to ease your burden. But what’s NOT therapeutic is dealing with the oiliness and sweat right after your cooking session, it honestly feels like a workout. With all that smoke coming up on your face, it’s definitely not the type of facial you need.

In order to avoid this mess and restore some peace, the newest product launched by Rubine, the Sirocco cooker hood, is all that you need. It is one of the fastest smoke extraction kitchen hoods. In fact, smoke is extracted before it could even get near you.

Here are the six features as to why the latest Rubine Sirocco cooker hood might change your kitchen life:

1. Quick Extraction

It can extract the smoke while you’re cooking almost immediately. The extraction inlet is designed at the bottom, which is the optimum closest distance from your cooking utensil. This will help the smoke to not get in your face and it’ll be way more comfortable.

2. 350 In-line Design

You can have the best of both worlds; design and performance. Sirocco features a semi-build in design that could make your kitchen look more neat, modern, and beautiful. The depth of the hood is kept at 350mm so that the control panel of the hood could be perfectly in-line with your kitchen cabinet.

3. X – Boost (extra boost)

This feature can help you increase the extraction power of the kitchen hood. Extracting greater amount of smoke while you are frying could’ve never been easier. The extracting speed can increase 100m³/h.

4. Ion-Balancer

Of course the smell of cooking can be nice sometimes, but it can be a bit overwhelming. This feature can help neutralise and reduce the strong scent of cooking from your surrounding kitchen place. Not only that, the ion-balancer can sanitise the air just like an air purifier.


This magical button will EXCHANGE the air in your kitchen with new fresh air. Imagine that. Once activated, low speed extraction will be initiated for 8 minutes, and it will be initiated every 8 hours for 9 times in total. So when you’re done with the cooking, just press on the ‘E’ button, then you can have your meal in a more comfortable environment.

6. Oil-Free Wall

We all know the horrors of an oily wall after cooking. To make your life more practical, the Sirocco kitchen hood can prevent it all from happening easily. The design of the cooker hood covers up your wall so that all the oil will be flowed down to the designated oil cup.

So now that you know all the amazing features that Rubine Malaysia Sirocco cooker hood has to offer, you’re probably worried that it might be a hassle to clean. Well, check this out!

Easy Cleaning: A step-by-step guide




But if you’re still unsure of how the process goes, check out the video below:

Are you impressed yet? Well, here’s a little more treat; for most housewives out there, we know their struggle when it comes to cleaning out the motor, especially dealing with the complexity of removing motor. And we can’t blame you! With Rubine Malaysia Sirocco cooker hood, the motors are made to be simple and easy to clean. But remember to switch and plug off the hood before doing so.

Now that you know how easy it is to avoid all the oiliness and sweat, cooking in the kitchen will be something you’ll look forward to.

For more information, check out the product leaflet and check out their website here.