Royal Selangor’s ‘Star Wars III’ Collection

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SW III KyloRen_01

This announcement came just in time for Star Wars Day in Malaysia — geeks in Malaysia? No way. The third collection between Royal Selangor and The Walt Disney SEA sees a limited edition figurine of Kylo Ren — the Darth Vader-worshipping Dark Sider who murdered everyone’s favourite deadpan rugged rebel (whoops, forgot to mention spoiler alert if you’ve not watched it). There’s also an adorably-sized R2D2 and a Sandcrawler, but who looks at that when you could take Darth Vader’s heir home with you? The best side is the Dark Side.

Browse through the photos below:

SW III KyloRen_04

SW III KyloRen_02

SW III KyloRen_03

Check the collection out at any Royal Selangor retail store or via the website here

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