Rounding Up The Year’s Finest: Best Of 2010 – Part 1

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Scales were meant to be broken. But not everyone can be like spinal tap… so here’s to the people, places and things that made this year immeasurable. In part 1, we’re giving you the best places to party, drink and be merry in 2k10!

Text: Ben Liew, Emma Lee, Kevin Yeoh + Miranda Yeoh

Best Club: MIST

Bangsar’s biggest club is also the hottest place to party if you’re into variety. Each night is different in terms of music and crowd. Throw in a double-storey sleek interior and a stage that has been graced by Lange, Dirty South, Johan Gielen, Designer Drugs, Alex MORPH, Lil Jon, Bag Raiders, Craze & Klever, and you’ve got yourself a club that refuses to be predictable.

Best Bar: SID’S

The Brits are taking over again, except this time it’s not with colonialism but the diplomacy of beer. There are already 3 successful Sid’s outlets in TTDI, Bukit Tunku and Bangsar South, and things are looking pretty bright for the future due to the pub chain’s friendly environment and sporting crowd. Plus, it’s dog-friendly for all you canine lovers.

Best Chillout Venue: PALETTE

Indie movie screenings with popcorn, live music, BBQ-cum-garage-sales, art exhibitions, tattoo nights with belly dancing, dubstep and more… It’s amazing how much effort goes in to making this joint KL’s most friendly, chilled out venue.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, where we list the best DJs, acts, and residency nights from 2010