Rollin’ With My Entourage

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That’s right, Entourage Season 5 is back. While I’m content to roll on my own like a lone wolf at launches, premieres and parties, Adrian Grenier aka Vince is leaning on his pack as the HBO comedy series returns to HBO (Astro Channel 411) today at 10.30pm.

Based on the experiences of Hollywood insiders, the usual suspects are in tow - Johnny Drama, Turtle, Eric, Arie Gold, his put-upon assistant Lloyd…. Interesting fact for you folks, AXNs Jaymee Ong made an appearance on Entourage Season 1 as a gym receptionist. She was Turtle’s real life friend / (alleged) gf at the time.

Adding to the cast this season, check out Bow Wow as Charlie; Lukas Haas and Giovanni Ribisi (I farkin’ love this guy) as aspiring screenwriters LB and Nick – who are all Eric’s new clients; and Leighton Meester as Vince’s latest shag. Providing cameo appearances are legend Tony Bennett, actor/music vid extra Eric Roberts, and rapper TI. Get ready to hug it out, bitch!

New episodes are on Wednesday at 10.30pm with encores on Sunday at 2.30pm. For more information on schedules and play times, log on to

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