Rollin’ Sixers: Rollin’ Sixers (Independent)

After being in the local music scene for almost a decade, KL blues rock quintet Rollin’ Sixers finally released their self-titled debut album. The production quality is top notch considering the fact that it was recorded at guitarist (and indie filmmaker) Khai Bahar’s home.

‘Werewolf Snuff’ is the first song on the album, starting with a country intro before the music explodes into a riotous bluesy rock number. The following tracks can be described as a collective blend of gritty rock and groovy blues that makes Rollin’ Sixers one of the most unique sounds in the music scene. The album came to a close with an ambitious 19 minute long instrumental track titled ‘Blues For Sarge’. Overall, this self-titled debut is very enjoyable despite the slight repetitiveness in some songs. But hey, you gotta live the blues to play it and these guys are down with the programme.

LISTEN TO: ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’, ‘Bedroom Light’
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