Roll Back to the Nineties!

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So maybe you don’t want to go to JUICE‘s 9th Anniversary party dress like Nick Carter (centre-parting is creepy). You can always come as the laidback, casual duo Kenan & Kel. Remember those troublemakers back on Nickelodeon?!

Here are some suggestions on what to do to recreate their funky look: t-shirt one size too big with elbow length sleeves. Open up button down plaid shirt over plain tee. Polo tee with big stripes. Wearing baseball caps backwards. Bright shirt. Matching cap and top. Man, you really got to reach far back into the closet for this one.

Oh yeah… Kel sure loves his orange soda. But a bottle of Carlsberg would do just fine if you’re not into soda.

JUICE 9th Anniversary is happening this Friday, 29 July and you’re invited! Get your @$$ to the pre-party by going here or alternatively, win a chance to party with us VIP style by going here.

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