Rogue Squadron Burns It Up

It was the ASEAN Basketball League yesterday at the MABA Stadium at Jalan Hang Jebat between KL Dragon and the Philippine Patriots, which the latter won, but it was a good game nevertheless! We did well. For your information, KL Dragons are our very own professional basketball team and is the first ever team from Malaysian to participate in ASEAN Basketball League (ABL). Hip hop’s monster collective Rogue Squadron scored the opportunity to compose and produce the official anthem for our KL Dragons team! Woohoo!


I stole a little bit of WordsManifest of Rogue Squadron’s time to find out more about the project on Gchat. We give you the raw and unedited conversation. Hold on tight!

that sounded orgasmic
u laik it
ai du
nak temuramah sikit.
yes, anyway
mengenai apa ya?
pasal kl dragon x rogue squadron.
How did you guys get the gig?
through hanif’s (DJ Cliq) contact, a friend of a friend
they were looking for an official anthem, so they asked for trs (The Rebel Scum) and/or jin (Hackman)
very last minute ah the job, so we had to scramble
only finalised the song on thursday haha
Like scrambled eggs?
oh yes, our eggs were very scrambled
Nice. So do you guys know much of KL Dragons before this?
we knew they were around ah, but never really got into the ABL
the ASEAN Basketball League
cliq and micwrecka still follow the NBA, and i think hqa does too a little bit
i used to follow basketball, but zaman dahulu kala la
Does that explain your new hairdo?
no. the hairdo is my tribute to wesley snipes in Blade
Ah… Hot. So how was the show anyways? Did you boys have fun?
it was nerve-wracking, to be honest. never performed on an open court before, and we didn’t know how the crowd would take it. but they responded beautifully, they got hyped. plus they were a lot of people who we respect in the audience, so ya la nervous ah
You guys are pro like Pro Ace. What was the song about in short?
obviously, we did the song about the KL Dragons, so we approached it as a hype, bakar semangat track. we also thought it would be best to sound like the team RS is, to reflect the basketball team we were rooting for. and of course, the first thing i thought of when i heard “dragons” was “dragons burn things up, right?”
Hakuna matata. So, are you guys gonna release the single on radio or perform it ever again?
we’ll be performing Burn It Up at every single Dragons home game for the rest of the season. whether or not the track is going to the radio will be up to the Dragons themselves, we’ll let them figure out how best to use the song, since we did it for them. RS would definitely be up for supporting and promoting it on the radio, if it comes to that, of course.
Weeee! Sounds orgasmic.
hunf hunf hunf!
(kau nak print ke interview ni, kev? takutz)

Lastly… What can we expect from Rogue Squadron come 2010?
i know it’s already November, but it’s too early to tell. 2009 has been a very good year for the Rogues, and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves – there’s still one and a half months left before we’re out of that. The Bomb Shelter will be back on wednesday, and hopefully we’ll still keep doing that throughout 2010 and beyond. the RS mixtape, “I Can Has Mixtapz?” will be launching at next month’s TBS. a few of the Rogues are already working on their new materials (i can’t say who just yet; they’ll kill me if i don’t let them release that information themselves); and hopefully more interesting things will come out of RS’s affiliation with the KL Dragons. props to Eugene from Bomb Shelter Studios ( for having faith in a bunch of underground activists
(amik kau)
Ispenz. Thank you for your time, dear kind sir.
as always, thank YOU, sir.
asal kita formal sangat ni? cekodok.

And now you know.

Go visit the big boys of Rogue Squadron at and say hello to KL Dragons at now!