RockCorps in Malaysia

In 4 hours you could watch a couple of movies, or catch up on the latest season of whatever’s-a-hot-series-right-now, or read a book. Or you could also earn yourself concert tickets, now that RockCorps just launched in Malaysia. ‘Earn’ is the operative word here, because of the concept that RockCorps works on that revolves around the idea that you have to Bagi Baru Dapat. Any person interested in getting their hands on some tickets just have to do 4 hours of volunteer work at any RockCorps Malaysia charity project and the concert ticket is yours. Pretty simple, rigtht? Plus, you’re doing good for the community.

RockCorps is a global foundation with the objective of making the world a better place through music. So start doing good, and look forward to some free gigs! Stay updated at RockCorps Malaysia’s Facebook page here.