Rockaway Festival’s ‘Weekender’

After a three-year long break, Rockaway finally returns back to life and reality to host its biggest festival to date. The first phase (yes, there is a second part to it) of the festival will be hosted over the weekend of 29 and 30 October ‘16; the impressive lineup includes bands that will trigger a deep sense of nostalgia such as Scorpions, Wings, Wolfmother, and many more.

Tickets are divided into three sections for Saturday (General, Rockpit, Headbanger) and two for Sunday (General, Rockpit), the price ranges from RM98 to RM278. Strangely enough though, there are no two-day passes available for purchase, so transactions for each day have to be done individually. So, if you’re ready to rock out like a hurricane — the reference had to be done — best get to purchasing a pair quickly as Rockaway are expecting a huge turnout, like, 10, 000 people to be precise. Don’t sleep on it.

More information on the festival here