Rock Levi’s Latest Collection Inspired by ’90s Trends For That Vintage Look

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Levi’s.

’90s fashion trends are making a comeback, y’all!

From denim overalls to baggy jeans, these statement pieces have found their way back to our hearts and wardrobes, hehe. Remembered for its comfort and casual chic look, you’ve probably spotted more and more of your peers rocking that ’90s look, as it’s coming back into style. Sounds pretty fly, if you ask us. 😛

With the revival of vintage fashion, American clothing company Levi’s has taken the opportunity to release their 501 ’90s collection, just a year shy from their 150th anniversary

Image from Levi's (Provided to SAYS)

Known for their iconic denim blue jeans, the brand has made it a point to constantly update the classic 501 jeans with a new, slightly re-interpreted fit of the original on a yearly basis.

With the 501: The Number That Changed Everything campaign, the latest iteration of the 501 jeans has a more relaxed fit through the seat and leg, giving it that overall ’90s look and feel.

They’ve even partnered with seven influencers from different backgrounds, whose inspiring stories perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the original 501!

Image from Levi's (Provided to SAYS)

Here are the visionaries featured in this campaign:

– Kid Cudi: hip-hop innovator, actor, and producer
– Tremaine Emory: artist, designer, and cultural arbiter
– Staz Lindes: model, musician, and member of the punk band The Paranoyds
– Mike D: sonic innovator and founding member of Beastie Boys, the legendary American hip-hop group
– Nathan Westling: model and fashion icon
– Gia Seo: model, creative director, and style innovator
– Gabriella Karefa-Johnson: stylist, sartorial taste-maker, and first Black woman to style a Vogue magazine cover

Each of these individuals proudly showed off the versatile style of the original 501 and the 501 ’90s in their own unique way

Levi Strauss & Co’s Chief Marketing Officer, Karen Riley-Grant, said the iconic original 501 serves as the perfect blank canvas for individuals to flaunt their style and express themselves.

“For this campaign, we proudly teamed up with seven trailblazers who are famous for pushing boundaries and living authentic lives fueled by creativity and originality. They embody the aspirational spirit that the Levi’s 501 is famous for,” she said.

No matter what your style is, Levi’s 501s are designed to transcend trends, and signify effortless cool across generations

Image from Levi's (Provided to SAYS)

Whether worn painted and customised, ’80s-style faded and slim, ripped-up and baggy a la ’90s grunge, or ‘borrowed’ dad-style, it’s all up to you on how you’d like to portray your signature style with Levi’s jeans.

Comfortable yet stylish, there’s no doubt that denim invokes a sense of nostalgia. And we all definitely have that one pair of worn-in jeans we super love and refuse to get rid of, hehe. That’s exactly the vibe that the 501 ’90s jeans are meant to capture.

With its overall vintage feel, while appearing fresh and trendy at the same time, the jeans were inspired by the way people were wearing Levi’s 501s in the late ’90s. This new take on the jeans incorporates a more relaxed design, with a midrise and just the right amount of bagginess in the leg area, easily giving you that effortlessly cool look.

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on a pair of 501s or the vintage-inspired 501 ’90s collection, head over to Levi’s website and add them to your shopping cart now!