Robots That Work Under Risky Situations & 8 Other Ways PETRONAS Is Changing The World

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(Source: PETRONAS)

PETRONAS has turned 47 this year!

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From the iconic twin towers and fond childhood memories at Petrosains, to heartwarming commercials come every major festive season, PETRONAS has played a part in the lives of many Malaysians since its inception on 17 August 1974. Cue the memories! :’)

In addition, the Malaysian energy company has been constantly innovating and switching up its ways to anticipate and meet the needs of communities all over. They are also responsible for some pretty cool initiatives that highlight sustainability as a whole.

This effort largely comes from PETRONAS’ strong belief in the power of change.
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And their dynamic trajectory forward means that they always aim to be in a better position tomorrow for the sake of future generations.

However, enriching lives and transforming oneself is a giant feat to accomplish in one day, which is why PETRONAS is exemplifying change through small improvements that add up to make big differences. Sedikit sedikitlama lama jadi bukit, right? 😀

PETRONAS is on a journey of constant evolution. They recently released a video that speaks about change, which is something many might be able to relate to, especially during these tough times.

Watch the full video below:

In celebration of PETRONAS’ 47th anniversary, check out these lesser-known cool things they have been putting into action for a better tomorrow:

1. Diving deep into biodiversity research to show wildlife and rainforests the love they deserve.

(Source: PETRONAS on Youtube)

Did you know that Imbak Canyon is a sanctuary for pygmy elephants?

Also known as the Borneo elephant, these endangered creatures, alongside a diverse host of flora and fauna, call the breathtaking Imbak Canyon home.

The 100-million-year-old jungle covers about 30,000 hectares of protected land and serves as the biological gene bank of Sabah Borneo. Plus, surrounding villages benefit from the sustainable income generated through conservation activities too! 😀

Watch PETRONAS’ efforts in conserving Imbak Canyon in Sabah here:

2. With cheery smiles on their faces, children are led one step closer to a brighter, more joyful future.

(Source: PETRONAS)

Unfortunately, there are children from the remote areas of Paloh, Sarawak and Balambangan, Sabah who have to make a daily two-kilometre trek through rivers and dirt roads to reach their classrooms. 🙁

PETRONAS solves this problem by providing accommodation as well as other facilities, where students can stay during the week for school and return home to their families during the weekend. The children are our future, right? So, invest in them we shall!

3. Supporting brilliant minds of Malaysia all the way to Silicon Valley. Woohoo!

(Source: PETRONAS)

FutureTech is a signature tech-accelerator program, comprising one-on-one mentorship and office hours, lectures, workshops, and industry immersion with PETRONAS and the global venture capital firm, 500 Startups.

Through this 12-week program, Malaysian-based startups have the opportunity to test out innovative ideas and concepts, besides forging corporate relationships with PETRONAS and other industry experts.

Another cool fact about FutureTech? Winners are sent on an exciting learning trip to Silicon Valley to learn from some of the best minds around! 😀

4. From the streets of Malaysia to the thrilling world of motorcycle racing, hot talents get to showcase their dashing skills.

(Source: PETRONAS)

Starting out as a way of discovering and developing Malaysian motorcycle racing talents, the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship has produced talents such as Hafizh Syahrin, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman, Zaqhwan Zaidi and many more.

With PETRONAS officially signing on as the main sponsor of Cub Prix in 2003, it marks the longest sporting event partnership in Malaysia at 18 years and counting.

Not only does the partnership provide a platform to discover and polish local talents, but PETRONAS’s involvement in motorsports means we get high performing engine oils and fuels such as PETRONAS Sprinta and PETRONAS Primax that has been tested and proven on the race tracks.

5. Putting consumers and mother nature in mind when creating affordable clean energy solutions.

(Source: PETRONAS)

Future cars might run on something other than petrol! That’s right!

PETRONAS is collaborating with one of Malaysia’s leading research universities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, to create sustainable energy solutions, particularly for Asia.

The joint team has so far designed an electrolyser that enables better hydrogen yield with lower power consumption — a much-welcomed progress in making this green energy source a cost-effective option for consumers. Clean energy sources, for the win!

6. Have a passion project but lack the resources? Well, PETRONAS’ innovation hub for social enterprises helps entrepreneurs chase their dreams.

(Source: PETRONAS)

From ideation to incubation, and finally, commercialisation, ambitious and passionate youths can nurture their passions and talents into becoming catalysts for positive change in Malaysia, thanks to SEEd.Lab. <3

SEEd.Lab is a social enterprise innovation hub conceived by PETRONAS and Tata Consultancy Services. Through this platform, social entrepreneurs from various industries think up solutions for issues faced by the gig economy.

One good example is Foodlab. This food-focused social venture solves problems faced by microentrepreneurs in the local F&B industry by providing ‘foodpreneurs’ access to its 650-square-feet commercial kitchen.

Besides a kitchen complete with industrial standard equipment, ‘foodpreneurs’ also get assistance with the nitty gritty details needed to manage a business.

7. With Setel, customers can experience ultimate convenience without stepping out of the car. Intrigued?

(Source: PETRONAS)

Offering users a seamless experience at PETRONAS petrol stations, Setel lets you pay for fuel from the safety and convenience of your car.

From unlocking the pump to the transaction process (you can choose to add credit / debit card or online banking details), you won’t have to step foot out of your vehicle until it’s time to fuel.

You can also get groceries from the Kedai Mesra delivered to your car too! With Setel’s Deliver2Me service, a similar process for refuelling applies — just place your order from your vehicle and get items from the Kedai Mesra delivered to you while you refuel!

Whatchu waiting for? Download the Setel app today to experience Malaysia’s first fuel e-payment app yourself.

8. Flexing with cool robotics that creates a safer working environment for humans.

(Source: PETRONAS)

PETRONAS may soon use robots that are resistant to explosions at its offshore platforms.

Slated for commercial use in 2022, a surface operation robot is set to join some engineers and technicians who work under risky conditions.

Developed in tandem with Swiss-based ANYbotics — an expert developer in mobile robotics for industrial application — the ANYmal is a robot designed with features that allow autonomous surveillance and inspection in potentially hazardous environments.

This means that its deployment is expected to not only improve workflow and reduce costs, but also keep employees safe by taking over higher risk tasks.

It’s hard to believe that PETRONAS has been part and parcel of Malaysian life for almost five decades now! Here’s to making more memories as we move forward together as a nation! 😀

Learn more from PETRONAS here.

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