RM6 for a Shot of Tequila @ Bistro Suka Duka

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Bistro Suka Duka is an effort by Conceive Asia that merges art installations, music, and live theatrical performances in a cohesive manner with the objective of displaying the best crafts of each artiste on its roster to the Malaysian audience. Returning for its second year, the creative platform announces its male-centric talents for this year to be JUICE‘s favourite pretty boy Shelhiel, Keith Noel, Kasih Azhar, Jamal Raslan and Muhammad Zhafir.

Aside from ensuring a pleasant listening experience, Bistro Suka Duka is also curating a drink menu to satisfy everyone’s oral needs, one that they “promise will be more affordable than even the least pretentious speakeasy bar in town.” And they aren’t lying; on the menu are ‘Sugar’ (vodka + citrus) and ‘Daddy’ (gin +  kyūri purée + 2.6 billion ringgit), which are prices at RM10 for one and RM15 for two. For those who want to get there faster, shots of tequila will be sold at RM6 each. Ready, set, get wasted.

More information on the event here