Would You Pay RM488,888 For A Bottle of Whisky? This 1952 Macallan Spotted in KL Brings On The Heat

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Photo on the right posted by Reddit user u/BeautifulKindOfWeird

How much are you willing to pay to forget your problems?

Recently, a Reddit user uploaded a picture of a single malt scotch whisky that costs – are you sitting down? – a whopping RM488,888.

At that price point, I expect to forget my name too, not just my woes.

The picture began circulating the forum and has garnered numerous comments – some stating that the price is absurd while others taking the time to explain what goes into such an exorbitant cost.

FOOD Malaysia
source: FOOD Malaysia

While it is unclear where this bottle of Macallan whisky is being sold in Malaysia, some commenters speculate that it could be at a grocery shopping centre located in Kuala Lumpur.

We’re just putting it out there in case you have RM400k to blow on expensive liquor. If you do, show me your payslip and I’ll quit my job and work for you. [Ed’s Note: Ahem…]

As someone who is definitely not an expert on ageing whisky, I will allow these two commenters to explain why and how this bottle of liquor could cost this much.

TIL: You can put a crazy price on anything and there will still be people flocking to buy it.

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