Rise Above with Martell VSOP

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Martell VSOP is a cognac that remains true to the inspired genius of its founder, Jean Martell. This fine Cognac is the finest expression of human passion, vision and creativity, qualities that are also personal to Martell VSOP’s Rising Personalities. Discover this distinctive cognac after the jump.

Martell VSOP is a blend or “marriage” of the distinctive eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois, which together blossoms into a unique fingerprint that is cherished around the world.

What makes Martell VSOP rise above? Two words: double distillation. Only the heart of the second distillation, or middle portion also called the ‘bonne chauffe’ is retained. All other portions are carefully removed and the remainder is distilled over again to perfection.

The distilled eaux-de-vie must age before becoming Cognac and this takes place in Tronçais oak casks. After two to three years of maturing, the eau-de-vie gains in complexity, perfume, aroma and taste. Once matured, the Cognac is transferred into glass or demi-johns for storage in cellars known as “Paradise”.
Since the Cognac is no longer in contact with the air or wood, it stops maturing. It stands still. It then becomes Martell VSOP. And it invites you to rise above.