Ripperton’s Debut LP Coming Out On Joris Voorn’s Green Label

Raphael Ripperton is a delicate kind of guy. A lot of the sounds out there don’t move him, and for him, music doesn’t have to be reinvented to be authentic. To the Swiss electronic artist, originality is more about a certain signature, a unique gesture indicating that something exciting and different is going on inside the music. Wow… Talk about being reflective.

The highly anticipated debut artist album from Raphael Ripperton will be released in February 2010 on Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal’s Green label. Joris was so impressed when he first heard Niwa that he signed it immediately. Known for his deeply-enticing releases on respected labels such as Ovum, Rekids, Dessous and his own imprint Perspectiv, Ripperton has established himself as one of the most exciting artists around.

2 years in the making, every season of the year appears to synthesize it’s own particular sound. Each song represents a period of Ripperton’s life coming together as a diverse yet harmonic whole.

In Japanese, Niwa means garden. The concept of what an album should be is really taken seriously here. With Niwa what you open your ears and emotions to isn’t just another loose bundle of tracks. All the single stories, element by element, are constantly fusing together into a greater whole. This is Ripperton’s world.

He draws on all the influences that have journeyed with him as a passionate musician on life’s long and winding road. Influences far beyond dark booming warehouse parties abound, and are just as likely to conjure up vivid images of dewy Lausanne sunsets. Folk tinged downbeat experiments peacefully co-exist with delicious jazz blueprints and sublime ambient soundscapes, sitting in harmony with deeply hypnotic house grooves.

Mere words cannot do justice to the beauty of music. Get ready 2010 for Ripperton’s Niwa will be the first exceptional album of the year.

01. A Simple Thing
02. At Peace
03. Ecotone
04. The Sandbox
05. Echocity
06. L’Ardo
07. Farra
08. I Know My Place
09. A Simple Interlude
10. Des Promesses De Couleurs
11. Leonor’s Lanugo
12. Random Violence
13. A Train To Nowhere
14. Solastalgia

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