Ripcurl Drops The H-Bomb

The surf and beach culture icon Ripcurl has done it again. Ripcurl has recently launched its H-Bomb – the world’s first power heated wetsuit. Here’s something you could wear to an underwater disco party.

Taking wetsuits to the next level, the H-Bomb is designed to keep your body warm in not only extreme cold water locations, but also in mild water temperatures. And its material doesn’t inhibit your movements so you won’t act like a cold fish at a party.

The H-Bomb is a dream product for activities such as scuba diving or surfing, and also other water sports in which participants are surrounded by cold water like fishing or kayaking. Like the guys from Mythbusters, the good people at Ripcurl have tested the H-Bomb in every possible condition, from the extreme icy waters of Norway and Iceland to the shark infested waters of South Africa.

The revolutionary power-heated H-Bomb keeps users warm via heating elements that line the back of the wetsuit. These heating elements are powered by two lithium Ion batteries and are strategically placed to warm the wearer’s core, which in turn eases the flow of warm blood.

Now if they can only fit an Ipod in there somewhere…

For more information or any enquiries, please contact Ripcurl Malaysia at [email protected] or [email protected]