RIP Roc Raida

On 19 September 2009, the world lost another legendary DJ. Anthony Williams aka DJ Roc Raida was the winner of the 1995 DMC World DJ Championship. Better known as Grand Master Roc Raida, he was also a member of much respected DJ groups The X-Men and The X-Ecutioners. Truly a loss.

Born on 18 May 1972, this DJ, turntablist and producer who was raised in Harlem, New York died on a Saturday from cardiac arrest following injuries incurred in an accident that occured while training in Krav Maga, a self-defense system Roc Raida had been practising for 2 years.

Roc Raida’s deft touch had landed him stints with music’s biggest among them Ghostface Killah, Jungle Brothers, Busta Rhymes, Big L and even Linkin Park.

He has left a legacy to DJs and turntablists the world over, among them Bumsquad’s DJ Fuzz. Here DJ Fuzz has made a tribute mix to the legend. You can download that mix right here on his blog. As Fuzz so aptly puts it on his blog, “Your legacy will live on.” Rest In Peace!

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