RIP LCD Soundsystem

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Announcing their split last Feb on their website, over 20,000 fans came and screamed to LCD Soundsystem’s final show last Saturday in New York (we weren’t there btw) and we heard tickets were all snapped up within a day even when some touts sold ’em as high as $1500. This ain’t a media stunt but we bet rich hipsters wouldn’t mind spending that kind of cash for a good funeral like this, don’t they?

Unlucky fans that did not get the chance to attend the show were also able to witness Murphy and co live on Pitchfork‘s website as they performed their selection of old favourites and insane covers including ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’, ‘Losing My Edge’ and Harry Nilson’s ‘Jump Into The Fire’. Joining them on stage were Grammy winner Arcade Fire and Reggie Watts. With balloons falling from the roof, Murphy’s crazy showmanship and 20,000 hipsters having a real good time, we really wished that we were there.

Retiring from their game, the band performed 29 songs over 3 hours and a half, and left a mark to their hardcore fans who had been supporting them all these years. Gah… Why do all good things come to an end?

Cry no more. Enjoy this video from their last concert.


Dance to LCD Soundsystem one last time at

Image Alexander Stein/Pitchfork