RIP Jay Reatard

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Too many DJs. Too many posers. Too many fat pig liars. Too many rockstars. Not enough Jay Reatards.

Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr (aka Jay Reatard), the lo-fi punk sensation that broke into the Memphis underground at age 15 and went on to become one of the most prolific artists of today, was found dead in his apartment last Tuesday.

The 29-year old garage rocker’s death is currently being investigated as a homicide although Jay had recently been complaining of flu-like symptoms.

Infamous for his erratic behaviour such as kicking a fan and reacting with a royal F-you to when his band The Reatards left him midway on tour, Jay’s extensive body of work with the Reatards, the Lost Sounds, Final Solutions and as a solo act was as long as his grungy hair.

Jay said his new album was about “dealing with mortality issues, growing older, disenchantment with your youth”. The LP which saw Jay shift from punk rock to noisy pop, was “the first record where I’m kind of exiting the dumb kid part of my life and going into the almost-30 point.”

Here’s to Jay, a guy who wouldn’t stop rockin until his clock stopped ticking…

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