Rip Curl Girls Go Surfing Day 2012

Images Miranda Yeoh

The Ripcurl Girls Go Surfing Day event is a global program that began in Australia and expanded to the beaches of Bali where it has been held for the last 7 years. This year they’ve decided to take it to Phuket Thailand!

This highly popular annual program promotes the sport of surfing by teaching female non-surfers and beginners to take part in Ripcurl’s customized ‘learn to surf’ lesson that will have you catching your first wave in no time! There’s BBQs, fun games, music, love bands, beauty booths, photo booths and even a fashion show throughout the day. We are totally stoked (surfing experience gives you the right to say that, right?) to spend our entire weekend in Phuket with Ripcurl this year. See y’alls when we return!

Rip Curl Girls Go Surfing Day will be held at Phuket, Thailand from 28 – 30 September 2011. Scroll down below to check out what went down last year!