WATCH: Farah Ann Opens Up About Her Struggle to Success in New #RexonaMoveBrightNow Campaign

Self-doubt may indeed be our greatest inner saboteur, as it is the destroyer of passions and the source of our boisterous anxiety.

For Millennials and Gen-Z, self-doubt is something that happens every now and then. Many of us struggle with anxiety, no matter how well we hide it. It’s easy to fall into this when our lives are so deeply intertwined with social media.

For a boost of inspiration, Farah Ann, Malaysia’s former Olympic gymnast, joined Rexona in the release of their latest film #RexonaMoveBrightNow, which intimately reveals the sports icon’s own self-doubt path and how she pushes herself to have the confidence to move beyond her limits, it proves that even the toughest of people must battle their personal demons.

The film tells the inspiring Story of Farah Ann as she navigates the massive challenges of being a National Gymnast.

Rexona believes in the power of movement and how it has the ability to transform people’s lives, much like our favourite athlete.

Self-doubt is an obstacle that keeps us from venturing beyond our comfort zone and Rexona is here to help us tear down our insecurities in order for us to succeed.

While you push yourself to new limits and tear apart your self-doubt, you wouldn’t want your confidence to waver with feeling tired or insecure when moving around.

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Rexona and Farah Ann believe that nothing should ever stand in your way of progressing and they are encouraging you to move and overcome self-doubt with them!

  • Join the #RexonaMoveBrightNow movement today (1st Sep – 15 Oct 2022):
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    • To participate, post a photo or video of yourself trying something new that challenges your limits (ie: trying bouldering to overcome the fear of heights, public speaking for the first time)

    For more info & T&C, visit their website