REVIEW: We Tried Out A&W’s New Boston Cheese & Chicago Tangy Coneys And Here’s Our Verdict

Source: Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Love A&W’s good ol’ Coneys?

Well, you’re in for a treat, because they’ve just released two new and exclusive flavours, the Boston Cheese Coney and the Chicago Tangy Coney!

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Reminiscent of American-style hot dogs, the Boston Cheese Coney and the Chicago Tangy Coney are suuuuper flavourful. They make for a great meal or snack, no matter what time it is.

The best part is that you can choose if you want a chicken or beef frankfurters! Their frankfurters are already delicious on their own, but wait ’till you try it with A&W’s new toppings, mmmmm… :9

A&W sent over their new Coneys for us to try and we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on them! Here’s our review:

The Boston Cheese Coney is perfect for all you cheese-lovers out there

When it arrived in the box, we could already smell the yummy cheesiness, yasss. And true enough, the Coney came drizzled with a generous amount of cheesy nacho sauce. :9

Source: Fiona Kessler/SAYS

The sauce was cheesy and creamy, nicely complementing the flavours of the jumbo frankfurter, but not overpowering it. Then, it was topped off with small chicken bits that were oh-so-tasty and onions that added an extra crunch, bringing the whole Boston Cheesy Coney together.

Image from Fionaa Kessler/SAYS
Source: Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

This is what comfort food tastes like, yummy!

On the other hand, the Chicago Tangy Coney just bursts with flavour

Image from @anwmalaysia (Instagram)

The Chicago Tangy Coney is sweet yet tangy from the combination of mustard, ketchup, and sweet relish on a juicy frankfurter sandwiched between a soft, fluffy bun!

We really enjoyed the addition of the sweet relish because it added sooooo much flavour to this Coney. It was like an explosion of sweet, savoury, and tart flavours in our mouths!

Image from @anwmalaysia (Instagram)

Pair it with a good ‘ol A&W RB and some Curly Rings, and you’ll be set!

We also received A&W’s Golden Aroma Chicken as part of our Mighty Combo set

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The best part about the chicken was that not only are they tender and juicy, the flavours penetrated all the way through the meat! Even the breast pieces were super tender and delicious. The crust, on the other hand, was crispy and yummy with a good kick of spice. Safe to say, we walloped the whole thing in one seating :p

A&W’s fried chicken is unique and packed with so much flavour, and we thoroughly enjoyed it with a side of chunky curly fries and iconic RB.

Image from Fionaa Kessler/SAYS
Source: Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

So, our verdict? It’s super yums!

The portion was great, and we finished our meal with a satisfied feeling in our bellies.

Image from Fionaa Kessler/SAYS
Source: Fionaa Kessler/SAYS

Wanna know how you can nom on these delish Coneys? Just place an order via foodpanda or GrabFood, and it’ll be at your doorstep in no time!