Have Your John Hughes Moment at the Return of Dance Punk Party!

[Update 30/8/2017: Pastel Lite will not be playing DPP due to unforeseen circumstances]

M.O.I.S.T frontman Jarrod started something extraordinary with Dance Punk Party! (DPP) – a gig series equal parts dance music and Ian Curtis – but it has been a good three years and some since its last edition. Fortunately, blessed be the Powers That Bee, it will see a comeback this Saturday 2 September, bringing with them DPP staples Pastel Lite (whose debut full-length is a stunning collection of synth-y ballads) and Enterprise, along with a resurrected Leo Ari, tune selector Aneka (whose curation will see tonnes of ‘80s Japanese synth pop), and special guests Filastine (Seattle) & Nova (Java).

If you haven’t been initiated to DPP, we’ll set the tone for you; imagine an ‘80s movie collage of prom nights and rock gigs, neon lights glimmering on parts of your love interest’s facial features while feet tap to saccharine synths and those unapologetically infectious gated reverb drums; hearts then swell together, skin come to contact with skin, and that coming-of-age insight finally arrives. Welcome to Dance Punk Party.

Listen to Pastel Lite’s Balada below:

Enterprise’s Chapter Two: Fantastic Planets:

Leo Ari’s newly revived ‘Burung Perawan 2.0’:

… and Filastine and Nova’s KEXP performance:

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