Retro Camo

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In case you think camo prints and army motifs are just for D&D nerds. Stussy KL brings the Stussy X NIKE Sky Force ’88 mid range to our shores just to screw with your fashion sensibilities. With a design that owes a lot to NIKE’s late ’80s look and obvious allusions to militarism, these kicks are perfect for cool nerds with an ’80s fixation.

Stussy x Sky Force ’88 Mid comes in 4 colourways – gravel black, earth brown, purple camo, and army green. Inspired by militarism, the retro cool kicks are all about earthy tones, rugged materials and camouflage prints – quite unlike this generation’s collection of kicks where vibrant colours pop up like you just entered Who Framed Roger Rabbit?‘s world. Perhaps it’s time to be a man again, you shoe collecting guy you.

The shoes have matching tonal laces along with the Stussy logo embossed into the basketball portion of the Sky Force logo on the tongue, reminding you that you’re wearing two of the best brands in mainstream streetwear.

Stussy x Sky Force ’88 Mid is best worn with clothes that have no prints of patterns. You don’t want to make the camo prints on your shoes too obvious now.

The Stussy x Sky Force collection also comes with a range of t-shirts, available in three colours. The shoes and tees retail at RM399 and RM149 respectively.

Kicksologists, get your Stussy x Nike sneaks at Stussy KL @ Pudu. For more information, check out